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TLM Web App Dashboard Categories

(Custom fields might change some of the terms used for certain categories)

Customer Feedback/Complaints

  • Feeback to Investigate
  • Feedback to Submit
  • Feedback to Review
  • Feedback to Close


    • Deviations – Approval

Document Management

  • Period Review Needed
  • DCOs to Approve/Submit 
  • Drafts to Load
  • Drafts to Edit
  • Drafts Returned
  • Ready for Review
  • Approval Signature
  • Approval Follow Up
  • Ready for Release


Leave Requests

  • Leave Request Approval

Released Documents

  • Documents to Read


  • Training to Take
  • Training to Verify

TLM System Settings allows the Mgt Rep to configure the job description display policy for the web app Released Documents list. (See above image)

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